You’ve Never Seen A Sandcastle Like This Before!

Fancy a sandcastle big enough for you and your family to live in (of course, if it was hollowed out and possible to do so)?

One artist can make that possible.

Famous globe-trotting sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik recently created a 48-foot, 8-inch tall sandcastle on Puri Beach, in Odisha, India, which secured the title of World’s Tallest Sand Castle for Guinness World Records. The massive structure measured 530 feet in circumference.

The sandcastle in all its glory. Image via Twitter.

The sweeping sandcastle was created with the goal of promoting world peace and raising awareness of the fine art of sandcastle building. Made entirely by hand, Pattnaik and a team of 45 students from his Sudarsan Sand Institute spent nine days perfecting the structure.

The breathtaking piece of work includes beautifully detailed carvings of animals, people, and the words “world peace.” Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Swapnil Dangarikar was invited to verify the record.

Pattnaik stole the record-breaking title from reigning tallest sandcastle creator, Ted Siebert, who constructed a sandcastle over 45-feet tall in 2015.

The champion receives his certificate. Image via Twitter.

This is the first time India has placed in the Guinness World Records for sand art.

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video