Hospital Housekeeper Has a Wonderful Talent and Coronavirus Hasn’t Slowed Him Down

The hospital can sometimes be a depressing facility because patients feel that time passed slowly on certain periods of day or night, especially for those affected by COVID 19 virus. This often leads them to a feeling of loneliness and boredom. They need something or someone with a happy and positive attitude to boost their morale to lift their spirit.

Here’s one guy Adrean Allen, born in the Jamaican city of Spanish Town, is employed in a housekeeping department at UPMC Mercy Hospital who loves singing and has a jolly disposition. This guy loves to share his singing gift with the patients he cares about and come in contact with to ease their burden. And over the years, they made a great difference to them and their families. When he makes the round, his goal is to put a smile on the patient’s faces.

He feels amazing when he walks down the hall and started singing, and the patients would recognize and remember him. He goes above and beyond by doing a lot for people to brighten their day. And he is helping others by taking part in everything because teamwork is always the best way for him. He is determined to work as one with them.


He is the father of two young daughters, the reason why he works hard. Besides being a housekeeper in a hospital, he is also a musician with a recording studio in his home. He produces all the songs he writes and sings in his studio, and by singing for the patients, he can create a song. Watch and see the best of Adrean, who goes out of his way to make the patients happy.


He has been working for Mercy Hospital for five years, and with his experiences there, he can write a whole book.