Her Dad Just Made $6 from His Food Truck, One Tweet After, Twitter Peeps Went to the Rescue

Social distancing restriction and health because of the spread of COVID 19 has had a tremendous effect on global businesses, especially the small ones just a few weeks into the crisis. The risk of closure is evident. Sales have plummeted to a large percentage down that the owner is struggling to keep from surviving.

Food trucks are large vehicles or trailers equipped for cooking, preparing, and serving food. A variety of food is being offered on food trucks, from frozen goods to pre-packaged food. Some prepare food from scratch; others serve common fast food items. Taqueria El Torito is a food truck business of Elias Aviles, who singlehandedly has been handling this taco business. It was doing good until recently due to the pandemic and social distancing the business was hanging on by a thread.

When his daughter Giselle Aviles learned that the truck pulled in only six dollars for a whole day’s work, she took a chance on her Twitter account to improve the business. She wrote a short and sweet note on a Saturday, which she does not usually do to the taqueria followers to retweet about the family business in Humble, Texas, would be much appreciated. Giselle believed in social media’s power that after her post, it has been retweeted over 10,000 times.

By Tuesday, Taqueria El Torito became popular that patrons were lining up at the truck that he had to close after lunch to restock and to reopen again in the evening to oblige and serve the craving customers. Some are even pleading to drive their way or open a branch in their place. Elias could not believe he has this much retweets because he is not familiar with social media functions. When he discovered the potential, he created his account.

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