DJ Ruins Bride’s First Dance, But Then She Started Screaming

At every wedding, I guess people will agree with me that there is bound to some “Bride-zillas” out there. Imagine preparing for the most memorable day of your life, and then having everything fall out of place right at the last minute? Excitement and stress are mixing and it becomes so easy for the bride to melt-down and become a terror.


For this bride, however, there’s no reason to get angry and throw tantrums. From the beginning, the bride and groom are all smiles as they prepare to start their first dance. However, a few notes into the song, the DJ abruptly stopped the song. The bride didn’t have the chance or had any reason to see what is happening as the groom is keeping her busy. This is when somebody took the stage and said that they will continue the song live. The bride heard the announcement but didn’t see the singer.

When the dance finally started, they proceeded in their dance, and when they rotated and the bride saw who is singing, she couldn’t help but scream.


It turned out that the singer is Mark Wills, the couple’s favorite singer. The groom was able to ask him to sing a song for their wedding. People in the comments are applauding the groom’s love for the bride, the bride’s love for the singer, and their love for beautiful surprises overall.

Watch the video below and see how the bride’s surprise is contagious. You’ll definitely finish the video smiling.

Six months after the wedding, SSE posted an update that the couple just had a baby girl. Fast forward to three years after, the couple is still happily married and they pretty much still love each other. Just one look at the couple while they’re dancing can show you how much of a keeper they both are. What a beautiful wedding!