Ice Dancers Perform Stunning ‘Snake Charmer’ Routine and the Crowd Goes Wild

Prepare to get hypnotized now as these two ice skating superstars will surely put you under a spell with their incredible performance. Madison Chock and Evan Bates are both two-time world medallists who have been competing together in the rink for nine years. These two athletes have not only been working together on ice but have also fused into a romantic couple during those years. And this pair has long taken people’s breaths away with their exciting routines. Unfortunately, during the 2018 Olympics, Madison had an ankle injury which resulted in their withdrawal from the last season.


But in January 2020, they were on ice once again, and ready to blow everyone’s mind with their free-dance performance. The two looked stunning with Madison’s sparkling dress paired with Evan’s glittery khaki top and black pants. The synergy between them is undeniable as they gracefully skated onto the ice. As soon as the “snake charming” music started playing, Evan elegantly danced the first part of the routine as Madison patiently stayed still. Soon enough, they were both moving like snakes, twirling, spinning, and gliding ever flawlessly together. And everyone immediately knew that this is a performance to remember.


The sensual and exotic sound of the song “Yearning” by Raul Ferrando in the background doesn’t have a specific beat they can follow. But they were still able to move in perfect synchrony as if their bodies were communicating in themselves. The pair flowed smoothly and fluidly, clearly complementing each other’s movements. They make this complicated choreography look incredibly easy together as if they’re just doing them on solid ground. It’s just too mesmerizing that you wouldn’t even dare get your eyes off the screen even for just a second. The ice may be cold but it sure was getting really hot on stage.

Don’t take my word for it and just watch the magnetic video below:

As expected, the enthralling performance had landed them another national title at the U.S. Championships. They surely are a dynamic couple!