Quick And Easy Steps To Declutter Your Life

Having your own space and home is wonderful but when you accumulate too many items your life can begin to feel cluttered. You might not intentionally be hoarding items but over time you can accumulate a lot.

Periodically you may want to purge some items and declutter your life so your home can feel cleaner and more peaceful. Hang on to items that mean something to you but let go of the other stuff.

Be Reasonable

Of course you don’t want to get rid of family heirlooms or something meaningful, but if something is broken, unused or has no sentimental value, its time to get rid of it. Don’t be fearful of getting rid of something. If it adds no value to your life then it is time to go.

Sort Into Piles

Before you begin aim to make piles of items based on what they are. Make a pile of items that are definitely garbage, items that can be donated and other items that you aren’t sure about. You can always go back to the maybe pile and make a final decision.

If something isn’t broken but you just don’t have the need for it anymore, make sure you donate rather than throw away. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and somebody could make good use of your items.

Take Your Time

Decluttering your life can be overwhelming if you try to do it all in one day. This is especially true if you are throwing a lot away. Taking a step back and starting fresh another day will help you get rid of more.

Remember that this process is supposed to help you remove clutter from your life, not make you feel stressed. If you are feeling emotional about getting rid of some of your belongings, you might feel better about it another day.

Plan Ahead Moving Forward

After you are done with the initial purge process, make a plan moving forward so that you do not accumulate more clutter over time. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that if you haven’t used something for six months to a year, ditch the item.

Make sure the items that you do keep are organized and that you leave room to stay organized in the future. It’s a lot of work to declutter your life, so set yourself up for success in the future.

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