Tim Conway and Carol Burnet Suffer Baby Blues in ‘Sleep No More My Lady’

For new parents, bringing their child home for the first time is a magical experience. However, that magic quickly wears off for many around 3 a.m when their little bundle of joy turns into a blaring siren of high decibel torment.

Bloodshot and baggy eyes are often a tell-tale sign of new parents, as they move sluggishly throughout the day like zombies. During these times, one of the most important things in the world is sweet silence. Often parents have to move about the home like walking through a minefield, trying to avoid making a single sound. Indeed, even the most common chores can prove challenging as we try to do them without making any noise.

In this skit, Carol Burnett and Tim Conway play a married couple with a newborn baby. Tim is in the kitchen, wondering why there’s no coffee. He calls out to Carol, who walks in with a baby bottle and quickly puts her hand over his mouth to “shush” him.


She then explains that the baby had been up all night, and she finally got him to go to sleep. Carol tells Tim to be very quiet, a mission which he proceeds to fail like a champ! Watch the hilarious skit below.

There are a few things about this skit that makes it so funny. Obviously, this is a scenario that most parents can identify with, but Tim and Carol’s subtle behavior also strikes a familiar chord.

Often, men have difficulty reading even the most subtle cues as we tend to move like a bull in a china shop, oblivious to everything around us. We see that behavior portrayed brilliantly in Tim’s performance. And many guys are completely lost when it comes to anything kitchen-related if they are not used to preparing their own meals. Tim’s confusion when it came to finding the coffee was a prime example.

The brilliance of this skit just goes to show just how much this show understood the authentic dynamics of relationships and how to distill the funniest aspects into brilliant skits. Please be sure to show this video to your friends and family.