10 Fun Facts That Will Make You Smile

The world can sometimes be a pretty depressing place. You always hear about negative things trough the news, through friends, etc. Now it is obvious that you should not shield yourself from the world, but you should also make sure that you inject a little happiness in your life, too. I have taken the liberty of compiling a list of 10 Fun Facts that will brighten your day and hopefully put a smile on your face! Enjoy!

1. A Penguin Was Knighted In Norway

Image by Edinburgh Zoo

2. Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse’s Voice Actors Got Married In Real Life

Image by zimbio.com

3. Kaninhoppning Is A Rabbit Jumping Show In Sweden

Image by Thowra

4. To Encourage A Little Boy To Wear His Own Hearing-Aid, Marvel Comics Created A Superhero Called The Blue Ear

Image by Marvel

5. Even Though They Have Never Seen Anyone Smile, Blind People Still Smile

Image by Sachiho

6. Cows Have Best Friends

Image by Barn Sanctuary

7. All The Atoms In Our Bodies Were Created In The Center Of Collapsing Stars. We Are Made Of Stardust

Image by Glimpen via DeviantArt

8. In Order To Keep From Drifting Apart, Sea Otters Hold Hands When They Sleep

Image by commons.wikimedia.org

9. Tortoises Can Breathe Through Their Butts

Image by Estruda via DeviantArt

10. The Word “Love” Was Used 613 Times Across All Of The Beatles’ Songs

Image by CelticBeauty via DeviantArt