10 Kitchen Hacks To Simplify Your Life

Cooking can take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes you barely feel productive at all! If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then these 10 Kitchen Hacks will do wonders for your productivity!

Oven-bake your bacon

If you’re tired of having bacon that is unevenly cooked, then I highly recommend you try baking it in the oven. Most restaurants do this and it’s how they get your bacon evenly cooked and delicious!

Image by Docmartian via Deviantart

Soften your butter quickly

Unfortunately, a lot of butter is as hard as a brick. Sure, you could use the microwave to soften it, but that could be disastrous. A simple trick is to warm up a glass with hot water and then place it over the butter. It softens butter within a minute or less!

Wet your fingers to remove eggshell pieces

Do you hate it when you break an egg and a piece of the shell falls in with it? Those can be really tricky to remove. Luckily the solution is simpler than you might think. Just wet your fingers with water and it makes picking out those pieces a breeze.

Apple wedges keep cookies moist

You’ll likely use a cookie jar or container to store cookies until the midnight-munchies strike. The problem is, however, that cookies become very hard and dry after a while. A simple way to avoid this is to store it with an apple wedge. This keeps the cookies nice and moist for longer!

Keep brown sugar soft with bread

Some of us just love our brown sugar. Unfortunately, brown sugar has a tendency to clump up and become hard as a brick. Storing a slice of bread with it can prevent that clumping. The sugar also prevents mold, so the piece of bread should be fine for a while!

Frozen fruit instead of ice cubes

Image by Benjaminheymann via Deviantart

With summer looming around the corner for the northern hemisphere, this neat little trick will come quite in handy. Instead of using ice, use frozen fruit! In addition to cooling your drink off, it also helps to add a little flavor. Perfect for those summer drinks!

Freeze leftover broth

Winter is well on its way for the southern hemisphere and odds are, you’ll be making some warm soup at some point. Instead of tossing your old, leftover broth, save it by freezing it in an ice tray. When you need a bit extra for soup or a stew this winter, just chuck in a few cubes.

Prevent clogged drains

A clogged drain is no laughing matter. At best you’ll be dealing with a slow drain and some smell. Preventing this is, luckily, simple. Just run a bit of hot water down there after every three washes. Add a teaspoon of baking soda for an extra kick to your cleaning power!

Test your baking powder first

A bad batch of old baking powder can ruin a good recipe. To avoid that, you need to test whether your baking powder is still usable. All you need is a glass of warm water. Put a teaspoon of powder in; if it fizzes and bubbles, you’re good to go!

Flip your knife to butter bread

Image by kalos-eidos-skopein via Deviantart

When you’re slicing through bread, you probably groan when you have to use a different knife to butter with. Not only is it more effort to fetch one, but it’s also more cleaning-work. The easiest trick is to flip the knife around and use the blunt end. It’s perfect for buttering bread with minimal effort!

Do you have some amazing kitchen hacks? Let us know in the comments!

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