11 Optical Illusions That Will Boggle Your Mind

Optical illusions are always fun. They challenge our minds and spur countless debates. Our eyes lie to us on many occasions. We simply cannot see everything that’s out there. This gives a chance for our minds to play tricks on us.

If you cannot spot the tricks in these following images, which were collected by Spanish newspaper AS, don’t be too hard on yourselves. You’re probably not alone. We are also here to help you.

Something Looks Weird In This Photo … Yes, It’s The Legs

Via AS

What’s going on here? The shorts in front have a white design on them.

Is That A Snake?

Via AS

What’s going on here?: It’s a cigar!

‘Can You Spot The Hidden Object?’

Via AS

What’s going on here? The iPad blends right into the seat!

What Do You See Here, Zoolander Or A Pretty Girl?

Via AS

What’s going on here? Squint and then see what’s there!

‘Thank You Dear For Sending Me This Photo. You Look Very Pretty And … Wait, What!? I See Three Legs!’

Via AS

What’s going on here? If you look closely you can see the vase she is holding to her right.

Here Is A Similar Visual Effect

Via AS

What’s going on here? The smaller the image becomes or the further we move away from it, the likelier we are to see a panda.

Am I Looking At A … Is That Her … Well, That’s One Hell Of A Party

Via AS

What’s going on here? It’s his ARM, people. Get your heads out the gutter.

Can You Find The Mobile Phone?

Via AS

What’s going on here? I’ll only say that it’s somewhere near the table.

These Legs Have Spurred Uproar In Social Media Very  Recently

Via AS

What’s going on here? Honestly? I don’t know. Where are legs of the girl in the middle???

What Do You See, A Rabbit Or A Duck?

Via AS

What’s going on here? Yes, you can see both. This is a classic and popular example of how our eyes can deceive us.

All images are from AS

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