15 Best Signs From The Climate March

During one of the most useless first 100 days of a modern president, people around the world took to the streets to march for the recognition of climate change. The science, which has been equally supported and denounced by prominent people in office, has brought about controversies that have spanned the globe for over two decades.

Many governmental officials continue to pass laws and approve pipelines despite the havoc clearly being wrought on this planet, and hundreds of thousands of people are finally raising their voices in what has turned out to be the largest global march for any one particular subject.

More than 300,000 people in the United States alone took to the streets with their creative signs as they raised their voices in unison, defending the life of our planet while trying to get people to finally understand that the science cannot be denied, debated, or ignored.

1. The Climate March Preached Many Truths

2. With Many Different Points.

3. Poems Were Written,

4. Statements Were Made,

5. And It Encouraged People To Go Their Own Way.

6. Songs Were Sung

7. And People Of All Ages Attended

8. With Classes And Ethnicities Coming Together For A Singular Purpose.

9. Chuckles Were Had By All

10. And People Weren’t Afraid Of Getting Mad.

11. But, Tough Truths Were Spoken That Needed To Be Heard

12. Because There Is No Backup Plan.

13. And There Is No Second Chance.

14. But There Is Confidence That Science Will Prevail

15. Because This Nation Will Always Rise.

Climate change is not a myth. It is not an alternative fact, nor is it something we can ignore. The life of this planet is what sustains us, and to kill it is to ensure the destruction of our own lives.

This planet gives all living beings that depend on it water, food, and air. Take those things away, and life cannot sustain itself.

If that truth is somehow debatable, then science is no longer the conversation.

Fantasy is.

Even if someone does not believe in climate change, there has to be a belief in the life of this planet and the destruction humans cause because of choices we decide to make.

After all, if Earth is not here to provide living things with food, water, and air… What will?

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter/RobinKentro.