35 Times Nature Decided to Totally Win the Battle With Civilization

I’ve long held the belief that as the dominant species on this planet, human beings have done more harm than good. Oh, we’ve certainly done some wondrous things, but meanwhile, we’ve caused entire species to become endangered or extinct, and we’ve taken away a lot of what makes Earth so beautiful. Well, sometimes, if it gets the chance, Mother Nature takes back what is rightfully hers. Nature isn’t going to give up the fight for the planet – ever.

The scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson once said that climate change won’t destroy the planet. It will destroy us. He pointed out that Earth would survive but we wouldn’t. I think this amazing collection of photos proves him right. Enjoy!

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1. A Sneaker Was Overtaken by Nature

The question is: where is the other one???

Sneaker overtaken by nature

2. This Road Washed Out by Flood Waters in Washington State

Yeah, water doesn’t stop for much of anything.

Road washed out by flood waters in Washington State

3. A Tree Grows Nearly Completely Around a Sign

This tree is laughing in the face of whatever rules mankind decided to post.

Tree growing around sign

4. Moss Growing Inside a Busted Bicycle Seat

This is oddly satisfying.

moss growing inside a bicycle seat abandoned places nature taking over

5. Stone Cottage in Sneem/Kanmare, Ireland

I love that Mother Nature has reclaimed a lot of these things, but I confess, I would have loved to live in this stone cottage. So adorable.

Stone cottage in Sneem/Kenmare Ireland

6. A Japanese Shrine Reclaimed by Nature

It looks like the little guys all grew lots of green hair and need a shave.

Japanese shrine reclaimed by nature

7. Meanwhile, Somewhere in China

Is it a train? Who besides me would love love love to go inside there. It looks so mysterious.

train abandoned in China

8. Car Covered in Ivy in Bejing

Why just this one car? This shows what happens if you park in the same place and leave your car there for too long.

Nature takes over civilization car covered in ivy in Bejing

9. This Tree Is Overtaking a Street Sign

Most gorgeous topiary ever.

tree overtaking street sign topiary

10. Tree Growing Through a Speed Limit Sign

This is just cute. You go, brave little tree!

tree growing through speed limit sign

11. Why Just this One House?

It seems that the neighbors would have complained to the city long before things reached this point.

House overgrown by ivy

12. Abandoned House in Norway

This is eerily beautiful.

Abandoned house in Norway

13. Moss Covered Van

I love moss. I also love cute little vans.

moss covered van

14. Mushrooms Grow Through This House’s Floor

I have seen this happen!

mushrooms growing through the floor in a house

15. Mangrove Forest Reclaiming a Statue of Buddha

I think Buddha would approve of this, totally.

Statue of Buddha reclaimed by a mangrove forest

16. This Tree that Refused to Heed the Stop Sign

Stop sign? What stop sign?

Tree eating a stop sign

17. In a Former Fishing Village in Kirovsky, Russia, the Sea is Claiming an Apartment Building

There is no force on this planet greater than the force of the sea.

Kirovsky, Russia sea reclaims apartment building

18. This Tree Decided to Consume the Railing on this Bridge.

The googly eyes are a cool human touch.

Tree consuming a bridge nature reclaims civilization

19. A Tree Growing Inside of a Chimney that Has Been Abandoned


Tree growing inside a chimney nature reclaiming

20. Ivy Reclaims this Bicycle

I have questions about this. How could a bike sit for so long in such a busy place and be reclaimed by nature?

Ivy claims bike

21. Ivy on this Abandoned Escalator

This is beautiful. Just beautiful.

Ivy on abandoned escalator

22. Mother Nature Claimed this Roller Coaster

Perhaps the most terrifying roller coaster ever.

Mother Nature claims roller coaster

23. A Cactus Growing Inside a Rain Gutter

This is one hardy plant.

cactus growing inside a rain gutter

24. Piano Claimed by Mother Nature

This is gorgeous. I would never move it.

Piano claimed by Mother Nature tree

25. Abandoned Railway in Paris

Of course, this is in Paris. Beautiful.

Abandoned Inner City Railway In Paris

26. A Tree Swallows a Bicycle

What does nature have against bicycles?

tree swallows bicycle vashon island washington state
Ethan Welty

27. Fish Taking Over Abandoned Shopping Malls in Bangkok

Who knew in the 1980s that all of the shopping malls would end up like this? Yikes.

Fish take over abandoned shopping mall in Bangkok Thailand
Jesse Rockwell

28. Nature Overtakes Abandoned Ferris Wheel

There’s just something unsettling about abandoned amusement parks and carnival rides. What is it?

Nature takes over abandoned ferris wheel carnival amusement park
Kyle Telechan

29. An Automobile Graveyard in Belgium

This is oddly beautiful for some reason.

automobile graveyard belgium
Rosanne de Lange

30. This Tree’s Roots Overcome a Brick Sidewalk

Wow, this is beautiful.

Tree roots overcome brick sidewalk

31. An Old Pipe Claimed by Some San Francisco Cliffs

This is gorgeous.

Old pipe claimed by nature San Francisco

32. Sculpture of Jesus at an Abandoned Polish Cemetery Gets Absorbed Slowly by a Tree

I think Jesus would be totally OK with this.

Sculpture of Jesus at a Polish cemetery absorbed by a tree

33. A tiny forest inside this car’s headlight.

WOW. That is all.

Trees growing inside car headline

34. Whatever Is Happening Here in Angkor, Cambodia

No idea what this place is, but it belongs to the trees now. Yikes. Mother Nature is a glorious beast.

Angkor Cambodia tree taking over
Pietro Bevilacqua

35. Chinese Fishing Village Abandoned in the 1990s in Houtouwan, China

And last but absolutely not least. This. I love it.

Houtouwan China nature won the battle
Green Jane

Dear Mother Nature: You go, girl.

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