‘Wondrous’ Ancient Pool Never Seen by Human Eyes Discovered 700 Feet Deep in Cave

Our planet is an extremely wonderful place to live in. We are blessed with an abundance of natural resources and beautiful sceneries. Centuries have passed but, up until now, we are still discovering something new about this planet. Day after day we discover hidden gems that laid beneath our Mother Earth’s crust.

One of those amazing discoveries happened in one of the national parks in New Mexico. In October 2019, a team of explorers officially discovered a magnificent well-hidden pool underneath the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in Guadalupe Mountain. The park that features more than a hundred caves has an average of 410,000 visitors annually.

The pool that is situated 700 ft below the Lechuguilla Cave, which is one of the longest caves in the world, has a pale milky blue color which is quite similar to the color of the sky in summer mornings. This newly discovered stunning pool that only a foot wide and 2 feet long is not that massive and deep. According to experts, no humans had ever laid their eyes on this mesmerizing cave pool before.

In the post of the Carlsbad Caverns National Park on their official Facebook page, the edges of the pool that look-like white crystal limestones which they called “pool fingers” seem to be formed by bacterial organisms that evolved without any human involvement. Being undisturbed for so many years, the water and the pool itself appears to be perfectly pure and pristine.

The management of the national park assures that the exploration that will be conducted on this newly discovered gem will be done with special precautions to make sure that the pool will never be contaminated. Isn’t it amazing that even now that we are in the digital age we are still unlocking unknown and unbelievable parts of our majestic planet?

Exploration in caves sometimes yields small, yet wondrous sights. This cave pool, found in Lechuguilla Cave, appears to…

Posted by Carlsbad Caverns National Park on Sunday, May 31, 2020