15 Celebrities Who Took The Mannequin Challenge To The Next Level

Nexus recently compiled a top 15 Mannequin Challenge compilation video that went viral and because of its success, decided to create one dedicated solely to the most successful celebrity attempts of this popular challenge.

The list includes musical greats like Paul McCartney of the Beatles posing solo by his home piano.

The legendary musician took to his Instagram to share his challenge video.

American DJ and record producer/songwriter Diplo took the challenge to the next level by not only posing himself, but getting an entire rooftop party to take part.

Actress Kate Hudson also inspired an entire backyard party to momentarily freeze while she filmed it.

The actress shares a photo with James Corden on her Instagram account.

Talkshow host James Corden wins points for not only eliciting one room to take part in the challenge – but the entire television studio.

Britney Spears jumped on board with all of the staff behind her Vegas residency rising to the challenge.

Former first lady Michelle Obama and basketball great Lebron James took part in a memorable freeze frame at the White House.

Watch the full video below for other celebrity challenges successfully accepted.