21 Essential Skills Every Damn Adult Needs To Know

For all the modern inventions and the way it has improved the life of an adult, there are basics all still need to know, yet very few implement. Instead of repairing small issues with clothing, people throw them out and buy more, and some don’t even have a decent wardrobe to begin with. Many others don’t know how to cook basic things thanks to the culture of fast food, and even more don’t even understand how to regularly maintenance that dependable car of theirs.

From brewing a pot of coffee to jump-starting a dead car battery, there are things that every damn adult should just know how to do. Why? Because you’re grown, that’s why. Childlike abandon is a virtue many cherish, but that same childlike abandon doesn’t teach you how to use that credit card you keep abusing.

This list is compiled with video tutorials so you no longer have an excuse to not know how to do these things.

Quit throwing your clothes out! Learn how to pack that suitcase! Sew that button back on those pants that were stuffed down in your drawer!

Learn how to adult better.

1. Sew On A Button

Don’t buy another pair of pants. Just put the friggin’ thing back on.

2. Mop

Know how to clean your floors, ya nasty.


3. Boil Pasta

You know, so you don’t die.

4. Change A Flat Tire

If Hollywood has taught us anything, it’s that you need to know how to fix your own stuff or risk dying at the hands of a psychopathic axe-murderer.

5. Pack A Suitcase

If you sit on your suitcase to close it, you aren’t adulting as well as you think.


6. Brush Your Own Teeth

Seriously. Many people rot their teeth out because they aren’t doing it right.

7. Shake Hands

No flippy-floppy hands, please.

8. Repair Minor Clothing Issues

You know, so you don’t keep shelling out money for other clothes.

9. Jumpstart A Car

Remember the axe-murderer?

10. Boil An Egg

To add some protein in that non-starvation diet.

11. Build A Decent Wardrobe

If you want people to treat you like an adult, you really need to look like one.


12. Fix A Leaky Faucet

Helps your bills and your sanity at 3 AM.

13. Build A Fire

We aren’t talking survival skills. We’re simply talking that fireplace you thought was cute but still haven’t used.

14. Brew A Pot Of Coffee

It’s not very relaxing to want a midday cup of coffee if it requires driving 10 miles away to the nearest coffee shop.

15. Change Your Oil

Because your car puts up with you.

16. Thread A Needle

A necessary requirement for the requirement of patching up your clothes.

17. Perform CPR

Hero time!

18. Detect When Someone Is Lying

It will go a long way in the workplace.

19. Use A Credit Card

Trust me, the way you are using it is not the way you should be.

20. Back Up Your Data

For heaven’s sake, don’t risk all of your data.

21. Parallel Park

The general rule of thumb is that if an 18-year old can do it, you need to be able to do it better.

Got anymore basic adult things everyone should know how to do? List them below!



Featured image courtesy of Me.Me.