This Straight Married Man Wears Skits and Heels to Work Every Day and Rocks Them

We were all assigned a gender at birth, and in most cases, our parents identified us as that gender and taught us according to the norms of the time. For example, at Christmas, I received toys that were traditionally made for girls and my little brother received toys that were traditionally made for boys. Also, we were dressed according to the norms of society. However, whenever we played, I played with his toys and he played with mine, as well as with our own. Are we doing the wrong thing by assigning gender roles and norms to children? Some people believe we are.

An American man named Mark Bryan currently lives and works in Germany as a robotics engineer. He’s happily married to a woman and lives his life like everyone else does, except for one thing: He challenges the stereotypes that come with assigned gender roles. Nearly every day, he wears skirts and heels to work, for running errands around town, and even at home. His question is this: Does clothing actually have a gender? When you think about it, it’s ridiculous to assume that inanimate clothing has a gender, of course. And men have been wearing skirts (kilts) for a long time.

But usually, we don’t call them skirts. In fact, the men who wear them usually absolutely insist that we call them kilts, not skirts. The fact is, Mark looks amazing in these skirts and heels and I just wish I had ever looked that great in a tight short skirt! In an interview with Bored Panda, Mark explained that he dresses as he does because he can. He added that he just likes to be different. He feels that the way women dress in skirts and heels represents power, not sexuality.

Let’s take a look at some of Mark’s best looks. This red is fabulous. LOVE it with the masculine style shirt.

Boots are great, too. I’ve always loved wearing boots with skirts.

Mark has built an Instagram following of more than 274K fans.

Typically, he wears a shirt and jacket over skirts.

This look is everything. OMG.

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I love his plaids.

Even in a skirt, he is all guy.

A total pro.

Fuschia. That is all.

A warm winter look.

Sporty and casual.

Matching tie and shoes.

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