27 Things Basically Everyone Does but Never Talks About

There are probably things you do that you’re not proud of. I mean, that’s all of us. Now, we may not necessarily be ashamed of these things that we do because we know it’s just stuff weird humans do. But that doesn’t mean we’re proud of them. Or maybe you thought you were the ONLY one in the world who totally gets distracted and goes down an internet rabbit hole when you have some random thought. Well, guess what: if you’ve done it, chances are other people have, too. One thing the internet has taught us is that we’re not nearly as unique as we used to like to think we were.

Being in one’s own company is great. It’s a totally pressure-free zone most of the time. We can really be ourselves without getting strange looks from other people. Interestingly, some of the weirdest behavior happens when we’re alone. For example, forgetting your password. Have you ever been to a website, entered your password (you think) correctly, and it just not work? Over and freakin’ over? Then, when you go to reset it, the website won’t let you use the “previously used password” that you entered a zillion times? Yep, me too. And everyone else. Enjoy these!

1. I was totally paying attention to every single word.

2. Everyone has the nerves sometimes.

3. Analysis paralysis maybe? Yeah, I’m going with that.

4. Yep, nailed it.

5. I’ve so done this so many times.

6. Does it make us feel safer?

7. Totally.

8. Ha!

9. Why, why do we feel like everyone is watching us and almost no one is?

10. You mean phones can actually ring? Not mine.

11. Sometimes even one hour would be perfect.

12. “Please don’t speak to me,” is what I’m saying secretly.

13. Hello?

14. Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. OK I totally do.

15. Don’t we all?

16. Seriously thought I was just a weirdo…

17. Always so happy. It’s like getting a free gift.

18. There’s actually some science behind this, but don’t make me go Google it.

19. I’ve seen my kids do this sooooo many times…

20. OMG I really thought it was just me!

21. We just want to be polite and not have folks think we’re rushing them (when we totally are).

22. Hahaha. The effort to be bubbly is crushing.

23. Why are people so impatient?

24. Yep, yep, and yep.

25. And it never works.

26. Guilty. Totally guilty.

27. Lawd, please don’t let them know how dang old and out of shape I’m in!

See? I told you you’re not alone.