3 Guys Smile, Then Break Out Into Mindboggling Moves That Drive the Crowd Insane

How many times have you watched a video where your initial thoughts are in the line of “Oh, this is going to be just another YouTube video on my feed.” Only to be caught off-guard when you actually do enjoy the video and you even find yourself sharing it on your other social media channels. Believe it or not, this does actually happen a lot. With the YouTube algorithm suggesting random video to everybody, you are bound to have a hard time actually finding one that is worth your time.

This video in this article today is probably one of those. When you see the three guys smiling at the beginning of this video, you’ll probably wonder what emotions you’ll have after. Let’s talk about where the video was taken from first. It was from an even Policoro in Swing last 2016. The event’s website will get you interested just by seeing their tagline.

“Policoro in Swing is unique, it’s the place where music, dance, sailing, sun and sea are “bouncing to the same tune”…


Aren’t you sold yet? Imagine a whole day full of dancing, partying, and just having fun. This is where the video of Martynas Stonys, Marcus Koch, and Gaz Fernandes was taken. The guys delighted the audience one night by performing “Killer Boogie”. In fact, people love the video so much that it already has more than 200k views on their YouTube channel. And just for context, the next highest views on their channel just has 5000 views.

Watch the video that ran more than 3 minutes where they groove to the music.

If you don’t know what “Killer Boogie” is let me tell why it is impressive. First, it is both a dance and a song. It was released by a Dutch pianist Jan Rietman and 25 years later, Markus Koch released a video he called “Footwork Fast and Fancy,”