3 Movies To Watch If You Hate Being Single

Being single isn’t really a bad thing and has its own perks, but more often than not we ask ourselves when will we find that knock-you-off-your-feet kind of love, which is why we’ve come up with a short list of movies you must watch for those time when you just hate being single.

Shallow Hal

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I must say that this movie choice might sound odd for some, but what most people don’t see is how this movie shows genuine feelings. The main character, Hal, undergoes a phenomenal growth and transformation. This movie will make you believe that good things really happen to good people and everyone deserves a happy ending, no matter how they look.

I Hate Valentine’s Day

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Yes, this movie has probably one of the worst reviews by Roger Ebert, but I think the movie is actually awesome in a way that it’s not your typical love story where the man woos the woman.

The couple in the movie breaks up because of some miscommunication issues, but then the girl realizes that she’s still totally in love with him and starts her crusade to win the guy over. The dynamics of the movie is different and I think this is a new and refreshing way to watch romantic movies.

He’s Just Not That Into You

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It’s about the lives of different people and their unique love problems. This movie will totally make you fall in love with being single! The movie talks about how relationships are not all perfect and affectionate all the time, it’s about commitment and putting in hard work to always make it work and sometimes even with those things, the relationship still doesn’t work out. So, you see, being single isn’t that horrible after all.

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