3 Unique Ways These Folks Proved A Point And Supported A Cause

Year-long projects take dedication beyond my capabilities, but if you’re looking for a little motivation check out these folks. These projects take new year’s resolutions to a whole new level and they will have you planning your next big project.

Pizza For A Year

Image by Kyle Feeney via Instagram

In 2015, Kyle Feeney vowed to eat a slice of pizza every day for an entire year, and he documented the whole process on Instagram. The best part, other than getting to eat a whole lot of pizza, was that he did it all for charity. Kyle was inspired by his cousin, who is autistic, and he raised the money he earned for Autism Speaks. Kyle met his $10,000 goal at the end of one year.

The Year Without Shopping

Image via Mari Wilkes Photography

When Scott and Gabby Dannemiller began to feel overwhelmed by the need and expectation to shop and spend money, they made a decision. For a year, the family decided to refrain from spending money on anything other than necessities. They felt this was a spiritual journey, as well as a way to save money.

One Suit, One Year

Image via Twitter

Karl Stefanovic, a newscaster on the show Today, made a big statement with a cheap suit. When his female co-anchor was criticized for her wardrobe, Karl decided to wear the same suit every day for a month to see if anyone noticed. Changing his shirt and tie must have been enough because no one noticed. When a month passed, Karl kept at it for a year and still, no one noticed.

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