3 Unique Ways To Keep Your Memory Alive When You’re Gone

Everyone has some idea of what they want to happen once they die. Some know what kind of service they would want. Others know that they want to be cremated instead of buried. Some wonder what would happen to those they love, so they make plans to help take care of everyone around them.  We have found something that is about to change everything.

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Artful Ashes, a business in Seattle, will now incorporate anyone’s ashes into a beautiful piece of glass art. They take a tablespoon of ashes and incorporate it into the glass blowing process. They will create either a sphere or a heart approximately 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches and weighs about 14 ounces. What a beautiful way to keep your memory living on.

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Image Via: canyouactually

Another company I came across will turn you into something even more fancy. Algordanza, out of Sweeden, will turn cremated remains into a diamond. Human bodies are 20% carbon, which is what diamonds are created from. Once they complete the process the diamond can be worn or displayed however a person chooses. The founder actually explains that the process can be done for less that a traditional funeral costs.

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Finally, if the others were too flashy for you, Capsula Mundi will encase your remains in a tree. At a certain time after death, the body will be encased within a pod and planted in the soil. After this, an actual tree you decide on, or a tree seed, will be planted above the pod and they will grow together.

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Whatever you choose, everyone wants to be remembered by those they loved. All of these are great options if you are looking for a non-traditional burial.

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