5 Dad Jokes That Will Make You Shake Your Head

There are days where dads are cool. There are days where moms are unbearable, and dads take us out for ice cream. There are days where hearts are broken and dads come to our rescue (or to give us a swift kick in the rear full of hard truths). There are even days that go absolutely perfectly, and the first person you want to call is none other than dad.

But then? There are days where it feels like they are all conspiring against you. Days where you roll your eyes and shut yourself in your room and cover your ears with a pillow. There are moments where you know it’s about to happen, but you know you will never be able to shield yourself from the audible eye-roll that will emanate from your sockets as you watch your father’s lips mutter those words.

I’m talking about the dreaded dad joke.

The jokes that only have him laughing. The jokes that embarrass. The jokes that leave you exasperated, wondering what in the world you did to deserve this temporary living nightmare. The jokes he tells around your significant others to impress them. The jokes he tells to try and make you laugh after a hard day.

Yes, even the jokes he tells just to get a rise out of you.

Here are give dad jokes that are sure to remind you of these cringe-worthy, exasperating moments.

You’re welcome.

Lumberjack Dad is lazier than you think. (via Imgur)

Any dad joke that comes with money is alright in my book! (via Kickvick)

The perfect meme for the perfect article. (via Imgur)

When he tries to make them educational. (via Nice One Dad)

When the dad joke is approved of. Mostly. (via Reddit)

Now that you have filled your day with five dad jokes fit for this side of the millennium, it is time to take your place among the millions of us who have endured dad jokes since the dawn of time.

And remember, no dad joke is ever complete without a nice, big groan.

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