5 New Movies To Look Out For

Here are some of the movies that are going to be released soon that you have to watch out for!

X-men: Apocalypse

Apocalypse, the first mutant ever and certainly a powerful one has just woken up after years of sleeping. Join the forces of Professor X, Raven and the young X-men team in saving mankind. Coming to cinemas this May.



Coming to the big screen this June, Warcraft is another movie that you should watch if you want to see the many faces of war. Watch as Azeroth’s peaceful realm gets subjected into a war.



Now you see me 2

A sequel to the blockbuster hit, Now you see Me, this movie would be sure to amaze you even more. Join the Four Horsemen in another round of magic this June.



Me before you

A love story with an English countryside setting, Me before you are like no other. Be with Lou and Will while they embark a series of adventure that will change the way they view things this June!


Finding Dory

Everyone knows Nemo’s story, but how about Dory’s? Who is she and where did she come from? Find out as it goes on the big screen this June!



Image via YouTube.