5 Of The Most WTF Images You’ll Ever See

Scientifically, our brains always try to make sense of our surroundings. They take in the information that our eyes are processing, flip it, and filter it through a preset rolodex that has been added to over the years based on our experiences. It’s how your basic optical illusion works.

And then? There’s these. Pictures that require different perspectives to sort out your environment. Pictures that leave you wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

Pictures that have you snickering as you continue to scroll through them before searching for more insane pictures to baffle your brain with.

Enjoy making sense of these scenarios!

Balding Zeus (via Imgur)

Hands? What Hands? (via @whosalanalynne)

It’ll Make Your Eye Twitch (via Reddit)

I Don’t Think That’s How The Body Works (via Imgur)

Wet Water Is Wet (via Reddit)

These pictures are proof that everything is relative, perception is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes? You still won’t be able to make sense of something.

But don’t worry. Not everything is a lie. It’s all about perspective.


Featured image courtesy of Imgur.
H/T to Buzzfeed.