Sheer Badassery: The 5 Toughest American Presidents In History

We all know that politics can get scary at times, but some of the things I found out about five of our presidents throughout history are just wild.

From battling on the front lines, to participating in duels, to delivering a speech after being shot, our presidents have had many adventures over the years. If these events happened nowadays, it would be all over the news! At any rate, here are five American presidents from history that are seriously tough and maybe a little frightening.

1. George Washington

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Our first president was certainly a tough one – he was well-known for being on the front lines of battle. It seemed like no matter how much he got shot, the man simply could not die.

He also crossed the Delaware with his men in the dead of winter (as shown in the painting above). See those ice chunks? Yeah, that’s how cold it was. Even so, Washington remained as sturdy as ever until his death at age 67.

2. Thomas Jefferson

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If something wasn’t up to Jefferson’s standards, he was one to leave and make things how he wanted them. Incidentally, that’s the reason America exists as it does today. Heck, the guy even made his own Christian bible – make of that what you will.

Also worth mentioning is that he declared war on a bunch of pirates that bothered us after we weren’t protected by the British anymore.

3. Andrew Jackson

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I guess people called Jackson “Old Hickory” for a reason. Even as a kid, he survived getting slashed up by a British officer when Jackson wouldn’t clean the officer’s boots.

In a way, it’s no wonder that he grew up to participate in more than 100 duels and manage troops in the heat of war. He was said to rattle as he walked because of all of the bullets in him, and his parrot had to be escorted from his funeral because of all the swearing it learned from its master. Now that’s a man that doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him.

4. James Monroe

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He was mostly overshadowed, but there’s no denying that James Monroe was a busy man. Even as a college student, he and his friends raided a mansion and stole hundreds of weapons (though he did donate them to the revolution).

After that, he decided to drop out and join the war, eventually becoming a lieutenant colonel, facing many injuries, and even crossing the Delaware with Washington.

Another incident worth mentioning is that, when his Secretary of War appeared ready to strike him, Monroe chased him off with some huge fire tongs. Don’t mess with this guy.

5. Theodore Roosevelt

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I’m sure Roosevelt’s place on this list doesn’t surprise a lot of you. Much like a more manly Barbie, he held an insane amount of positions in his life, including but not limited to a police officer, a boxer, a war hero, a hunter, an explorer, and (of course) president.

He must have been the only president bold enough to have a lion and a bear as pets. Oh yeah, and he also delivered a speech right after being shot in the chest, insisting that he only get medical attention after he was done.

Oddly enough, this is the man that the teddy bear was named after.

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Featured image via Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

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