5 Rejection Letters That Will Motivate You To Keep Going

Rejection isn’t always easy to accept, but we all go through it at some point in our lives. Yes, even the most popular celebrities have been rejected at some point. In fact, some of their rejection letters have been made public and posted online. Keep reading to take a peek at a few of them.

U2’s Rejection From RSO Records

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It should be noted that the “P. Hewson” mentioned here is Bono himself. At least this rejection let him down easily. Still, imagine rejecting the band that would become U2!

Andy Warhol’s Rejection From The Museum Of Modern Art

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Even one of the most famous artists of the modern era has faced rejection at some point. The P.S. at the bottom feels like they’re rubbing salt in the wound. “We don’t need this weird shoe drawing, please take it home.”

Madonna’s Rejection From Millennium Records

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They thought Madonna, the Material Girl herself, lacked material? It’s hilarious that material was exactly what she would be known for later on! I suppose he was right to think that she might be a “strong artist.”

Tim Burton’s Rejection From Disney

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Oddly enough, Burton later did quite a bit of work with Disney. Perhaps they were finally able to see his potential. That’s a good thing – if he never worked for Disney, we might not have gotten The Nightmare Before Christmas!

Jim Lee’s Rejection From Marvel

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Jim Lee, an artist known for his work on the X-Men comics, got this harsh note when he first started out. The comment on the hands is especially harsh, but it seems that Mr. Lee has made it out okay. In fact, he’s received several awards for his work. I guess he finally learned how to draw hands.

Featured image by Peter Neill via Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 2.0

Source: 22 Words