50 Ways To Take A Break (INFOGRAPHIC)

Don't you need a break today?

In case you are the kind of person who forgets to take time just for you (I am), here is a great poster/infographic by Karen Horneffer-Ginter, PhD that visually gives you “50 Ways To Take A Break.” I’m particularly fond of “take a nap” and “go to a body of water.”

Full Cup Thirsty Spirit

Suggestion: make your own with some pretty colored pencils or markers and put it on the wall over your desk, or buy Full Cup Thirsty Spirit’s print here. The artist is actually a PhD and she has a book you can check out.

Grab a Pomodoro app and you’re ready for a quick healthy break (at least some of the ideas for short breaks) anytime!

Featured image by Full Cup Thirsty Spirit


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