67 Things You Should ALWAYS Buy At A Dollar Store

Dollar Tree, Dollar General, 99 Cents — there are so many of these types of chains out there nationwide. Though you can’t do all your shopping at one, there are many items offered by these discount stores that you will find in a more “brand name” type of store, only for a much lower price. I, for one, always buy kitty litter at my local Dollar General – a 3lb. bag of their store brand sells for $1!

Now, there are certain things I won’t buy at a dollar store. My local Dollar Tree advertises ribeye steaks for $1 – that’s a little sketchy, as far as I’m concerned! And any candy marked “Made in China” goes right back on the shelf.

However, there are SO many items in these stores that are great deals. The Bargain Babe put together this amazing list of 67 items you should look for in your own local discount dollar store. Check it out!