72-Year-Old Gets a Free House Repair from the Entire Community

A good samaritan is someone who is willing to help others without expecting anything in return. They are the knight in shining armor ready to rescue a lady in distress. The lady in distress is Gloria Scott, an elderly American who lives on a limited income. She is not aware that she is about to meet her gladiators.

The elderly Gloria Scott was in a dilemma when she needed a repair for her light fixture. Being in a tight budget, it was a hard choice for her to have it fixed. But she realized that she could forgo home repair but not living in the dark. So she decided to call an electrician John Kinney an electrician to make the repairs. Little did she know that the man knows how to flip a switch and learn how to change her life for the better.

When Kinney went to her house, he took pity on the elderly woman because the light fixtures needed repair and the extreme state of disrepair in her whole house. He was deeply troubled, so he went back to her over the weekend and started to work on the much needed repairs without charge. But he did not stop there; he set up a “Nice old lady needs help” on his Facebook page, and the response was ecstatic.

With the amazing response from the Woburn, Massachusetts community, Gloria’s house not only getting new electrical and water plumbing but also an extensive repair on her disheveled house. The outpouring of generosity did not stop the restoration of the house and an outflowing of food donations for all the volunteers. And so they became “Gloria’s Gladiator to inspire others to help the needy Seniors in the community.

God bless the souls of Gloria’s Gladiator.