People Rallied to Write Mails for Senior Citizens Who Don’t Get Visitors Anymore Due to the Pandemic

Elderly people, most commonly called The Senior Citizens, are considered those passed the age of sixty or more, with limited regenerative abilities. They are more susceptible to diseases and sickness and more prone to injuries and syndromes, facing retirement, loneliness, and ageism. Most families send their elderly to home care for them to have better care and environment. Being with the same circle of age will benefit them socially.

It’s natural for the elderly to want to stay home and didn’t want to be away from comforting surroundings like fond memories from home and familiar people from the neighborhood. Finding a home that will give them the same (comfort and security) is one of the big decisions to make. Victoria Senior Care is home care that values the elderly’s happiness by creating a home away from home environment.

The best day for the seniors who stay in home care is the visiting day of the family. However, these days are not to happen because of the present situation with the COVID 19 restrictions. No contact from the outside world, so the Phoenix Assisted Care created the Pen Pal writing to pass away the time and connect to the outside world.

We have several ladies here like Ruby, Berlene, Mary, Emily, and Roxie posted, “Will you be my penpal?” And lo and behold, it got a tremendous response from people who care. Just simple words or a single letter will make a difference for these ladies who are longing for home. It is maybe a good idea if other home care will do the same, then a lot of lonely souls will be happy and will escalate love. There will always be something exciting to look forward to. Watch below and see their happy smiles.

Pen Pals Wanted!!📣We hate that we are not able to have our normal visitors due to COVID-19 restrictions, so we at…

Posted by Victorian Senior Care on Wednesday, 24 June 2020

This activity is such a nice way to provide simple happiness to the elderly during this pandemic.