9 Times People On Tumblr Didn’t Know What They Were Talking About

We have all been there before, that horrible heart-stopping moment when you are talking so passionately about something, and you end up being completely wrong…about everything. These 13 Tumblr posts prove that it happens to everyone. Unfortunately for these people, we have the screenshots and I am all too excited to share them with you.

1. That awkward moment when you confuse the Joker with a war veteran…

2. People can get mad over anything…

3. Spot the 12-year-old is my favorite game

4. News flash Tumblr people everything is not that deep

5. Go to school kids


6. Yes ladies don’t fall into the scary trap of DATING

7. It’s probably best they stopped watching because it only gets worse from there…

social-justice-warriors-tumblr-3.jpg (600×462)

8. You can’t even take a shower without triggering someone on Tumblr

social-justice-warriors-tumblr-15.jpg (600×536)

9. Some things shouldn’t be posted online

Thanks for the laughs Tumblr!

H/T Distractify 

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