9 Ways To Use A Scarf As A Shirt And Other Forms Of Convertible Clothing

Even as the mass production of Fast Fashion is turning clothing into a disposable commodity (not a great situation for waste management), some women are going another route: convertible clothing. Skirts that are also dresses, shirts that are also skirts, and some things that can be all three! This reduces waste, and makes room in both your closet and your luggage (as seen in an earlier article which showed how to pack 50 outfits into one small carry-on bag.)

Why pack nine shirts when you can pack four scarves and get nine looks?

Why pack several dresses/skirts/shirts when you can pack one item that serves multiple purposes?

And of course, there’s the tried and true convertibility of the sarong:

Sizes do vary though, so make sure you get one that wraps around you comfortably. Be mindful of your height and waist size. I found that out the hard way!

Now, all of this applies primarily to summer fashion. Winter convertible clothing is a lot more complicated. But I’ll include one example anyway:


I owned one of those scarves for several years without realizing it could be used like that. Take a look in your closet and see if there’s anything you can experiment with!

Image courtesy of Blog Diana Said on YouTube.