A Man Rescued A Bald Eagle … From The Mouth Of An Alligator (No, Really)

David Anderson from Florida jumped into a pond in the back of his Parrish home to fight off an alligator that attacked a bald eagle. In the meantime a neighbor soon called Justin Matthews of Matthews Wildlife Rescue for help.

“David an older guy that is on chemo waded in the water and pulled the eagle from the gators mouth! Is that crazy or what?” Matthews wrote in a Facebook post.

When asked why did he do it, Anderson said “I couldn’t watch America’s symbol die.”

“It’s our bald eagle. It’s our treasure,” Anderson told Fox 13. “It stands for who we are and what we are.”

The sad part is that the eagle was severely hurt by the alligator and had to be euthanized. But you still got to hand it to David, what he did was amazing.

Featured Image Source : Facebook