Adding ‘-Ing’ To The Ends Of Movie Titles Yields Some Hilarious Artwork

A popular Reddit thread got a whole lot more interesting last year when the question was posed, “Add “ing” to the end of a movie title, what is the movie about now?”

Since then almost 14,000 comments have been added, suggesting titles from “Ironing Man,” to “The Karate Kidding.” Then, Reddit and Imgur artist, Shifter2000 got in on the action and turned some of the best comments into movie posters.

Here are some of our favorites.

Ice Ageing

Photo via Shifter2000/Only_One_Kenobi

“The sequel to the sleeper hit, Paint Drying.”

Kindergarten Coping

Image via Shifter2000/Seldfein.

“It IS a tumor.”


Jurassic Parking

Image via Shifter2000/TrueKingInTheNorth.

“Against all odds, a T-Rex starts a valet service despite his inability to reach the steering wheel.”



Image via Shifter2000.


The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttoning

Image via Shifter2000/rda1185.

“Just three perplexing hours of an old guy with Parkinson’s trying to do up his sweater.”

Chime in and let us know some of your ideas, maybe Shifter2000 will draw up a movie poster for you!

Featured image via Imgur/Sunshinesonme.