After 30 Years In The US, Patrick Stewart Is Applying For Citizenship

Who doesn’t love Patrick Stewart? The beloved actor, best-known for his roles in Star Trek – The Next Generation and the X-Men movie franchise, has been living and working in the United States for decades.

And now he wants to become a citizen.

Stewart appeared on The View and told the ladies there that the election of 2016 gave him that final nudge he needed to finally go from “Resident Alien” status to “Citizen.” He said his friends kept telling him to fight, but that he can’t do that without citizenship.

Of course, acquiring citizenship for Mr. Stewart will be easier than it is for many others, given his status and wealth. However, he should be applauded for taking the step to become a citizen and lending his voice in the way he feels is best.

Watch his interview on The View here:

H/T Upworthy

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video