Listen to the Heartbreaking Song Mandy Moore Just Performed on ‘This Is Us’

If you’re a fan of the hit TV show “This Is Us,” you’re probably feeling sad and nostalgic right now as we begin to face the reality that the show is in its final season.

The Pearson family has won all of our hearts, and it seems like they’re wrapping things up while the show is still in its prime. However, as my hubby said, that’s the best way to go out. I can’t disagree with that. However, that won’t stop me from missing this sweet family and all of the fun and tears they share.

Rebecca Pearson Mandy Moore This Is Us Theme Song

In last week’s episode, we got to be a part of Kate Pearson’s second (and we hope last) wedding to her boss, Phillip. We saw a glimpse of the wedding at the end of season 5, and last week, we got to see the entire wedding.

Rebecca Pearson Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Loss

One of the main themes of this particular episode was a song that Rebecca (played by Mandy Moore) was to sing at Kate’s reception after the wedding ceremony. Rebecca’s memory has started to rapidly decline, and throughout the episode, she was even confusing her son, Kevin Pearson, with her late husband, Jack Pearson.

Rebecca Pearson Mandy Moore This Is Us Theme Song

The entire extended family was nervous about Rebecca performing the song, but it was because they feared she would be so humiliated. A couple of times, Phillip (the groom) told Kate that “Once she finds her key, she’ll lock in.” Indeed that’s exactly what happened.

“This Is Us” Theme Song

The song Rebecca sang was actually the main theme song of the show, and many viewers and fans of “This Is Us” instantly recognized the song within the first few notes. During the scene, Rebeccas flashed back several times to another time she performed this beautiful song: when she was on a date with her late husband, Jack.

In short, everyone who heard Mandy Moore singing as Rebecca Pearson was crying (even me!).

Rebecca Pearson Mandy Moore This Is Us Theme Song

“The Forever Now” was co-written by Taylor Goldsmith, who is Mandy Moore’s real-life husband. Watch Mandy Moore as Rebecca Pearson sing this poignant song below.

I’m not ready to say goodbye to this wonderful family.

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