After Denting an Old Man’s Car with His Old Bike, What the Old Man Did Made This Kid’s Life

Kids are very fond of bikes, especially the young men who have an innate love for wheels. They love exploring the neighborhood and even use it for school service. Old or new, dented or not, they don’t care. As long as they have something to use, and it makes them happy. Like this kid from Turkey who accidentally dented an older man’s car all because of his bike with no brakes. The problem lies in the fact that the kid’s family is not capable enough to pay for the car dents caused by the sudden hit of the bike. But what came next will surprise you!

When one hits a car, we automatically assume that the car owner will get mad, even furious! That is all because car fixings cost a lot. However, the older man reacted differently. Instead of making the kid pay for the damages or worse, sue the kid’s guardians for letting the kid drive the bike with broken brakes, he surprises the kid with a brand new one! He gave the bike a few days after the incident.

The man realizes that sooner or later, the kid could hit another car because of broken brakes. And instead of helping the kid fix the bike, he bought a new one and personally handed it to the young man.

A heartwarming photo of a teary-eyed kid while the man is handing him a new bike went viral on social media. The image is posted initially in Reddit. The netizens are all praises to the kindhearted man. The kid is so lucky to have bumped into the older man, being understanding and sympathetic despite meeting in a not-so-good situation. What could have happened if the young lad unintentionally dented a different car? Guess, it would be the other way.

This one gesture indeed changes the kid’s life- that the world isn’t terrible after all. And that there are good souls who understand life’s struggles, always ready to help.

Kid had an old bike with no brakes and dented someone's car. A few days later the car owner surprised the kid with a new bike.Source: Reddit/schefar

Posted by on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

This event proves to us that not all superheroes wear capes. Sometimes, they are just driving around the city.