An Undercover Andrea Bocelli Stuns Wedding Guests When They Found out Who the Wedding Singer Was

Andrea Bocelli is a world-renowned opera singer and recording artist. So, this bride got the shock of her life when he showed up on her wedding day. Good Morning America sent him as an “Undercover Agent” to this couple’s wedding in New Jersey.

The bride had no clue. The family knew it was happening, but they thought it was a hoax until he actually showed up and started singing. I think the bride was in shock when she saw him walk through the door. He sang a beautiful song in Italian for them at their ceremony.

Andrea Bocelli bride and groom

Bocelli told Good Morning America before the ceremony:

“I like to do these things. I like to give my voice like a present because my voice is a present from God to share.”

It was on Halloween in 2015. Bocelli traveled to Mahwah, N.J., where Michele Walsh and Ales Dolinar were getting married in an afternoon ceremony.

Bocelli sang the couple a song from his new album “Cinema” as well as “Sorridi Amore Vai,” which was used in the 1997 movie “Life is Beautiful.” This happens to be one of the couple’s favorite movies.

The bride was in awe because her family is Italian, so they are big fans of Bocelli.

Andrea Bocelli singing

Only the priest, the photographer, the groom, and the bride’s mother knew what was about to happen. At first, the bride thought that it was a hoax, but there is no mistaking that voice.

This isn’t the first time Andrea Bocelli has crashed a wedding. In August of 2015, Bocelli was traveling in an Italian coastal village when he walked by a church having a wedding. He stopped and asked the priest to let him sing. He serenaded them with a version of Ave Maria at the church organ.

This year, Bocelli performed a beautiful concert on Easter Sunday in an empty cathedral in Milan. He sang several Italian classics as well as a stunning version of Amazing Grace in English.

Featured Image: YouTube.