Athletic Cheerleaders Lift Their Heads and the Crowd Immediately Starts Screaming

Being a part of the cheerleading squad is probably one of the most common dreams of girls who are entering high school. The perks, glitz, and glamor of being in the squad are enticing enough to make girls one to be a part of it. However, behind the glitz and glamor is the high amount of effort that a cheerleader has to endure in order to strive in it. Not only that, their safety is compromised when they get thrown up in the air, and on top of that, in every performance, it is always a challenge to keep the eyes of the audience glued, let alone impress them.


The cheerleading squad from Lexington High School, with their dedication and hard work, managed to reach the South Carolina High School League Cheerleading Championship at Colonial Life Arena in Columbia, S.C. Moreover, when it was time for their performance, they took the stadium by surprise and had them cheering the moment they lifted their heads to start their performance.


The performance started with the girls hopping, smiling, and waving to the crowd while they are going to their positions. Some of them can be seen giving hand slaps and hugs to those who are next to them, obviously giving a bid of good luck. When the music started the girls immediately started flipping and turning all over the mat in unison that the audience can’t help but stare. The routines that the girls have prepared are so stunning that it is obvious they have been preparing for a long time for it.

Watch the video below and prepare to be in awe as the girls flip and toss to their routines seamlessly.

What’s your favorite part o their routine? Mine was when they lined up in six groups and tossed their flyers in unison.