Award-Winning Figure Skaters Perform Emotional Sizzling Routine to Pink’s ‘Try’

The legendary artist Pink released the song “Try” as the second single from her album “The Truth About Love” in 2012. Pink writes a lot of her own songs, but this one was written and composed by Ben West and Busbee, with production by Greg Kurstin. The song received many popular reviews from various music critics, and commercially, the song was a huge hit for Pink. It reached number one in the Spanish charts, and made it to the top-10 of several other countries, including the United States, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and more.

This song almost made it to the first American Idol winner, pop superstar Kelly Clarkson. Then, the writers considered two other American Idol alum, Daughtry and Adam Lambert. Lambert recorded it, but Busbee wasn’t satisfied with it, saying it wasn’t the best fit. When they pitched it to Pink, she agreed to record it, and her cover of the song premiered in 2012 on the radio. Honestly, it seems a perfect fit for Pink, and it goes well with her body of work, which often has themes of empowerment and overcoming adversity. The song has been called an “ode” to a kind of romantic persistence.

Pink the truth about love album cover
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When two figure skaters decided to perform a routine to this anthem-like song, it’s no wonder that magic happened. Vanessa James is a French-Canadian pair skater, and she and her partner at the time, Morgan Cipres, started performing this routine. James started figure skating with her sister after the two watched the 1998 Olympic Winter Games together. At first, she competed in the U.S. and represented a figure skating club in Washington. However, she has citizenship in multiple countries. Born in Canada, she lived in Bermuda until she was 10, when she moved to the U.S. with her family.

Vanessa James Morgan Cipres figure skating to Pink's Try

Since her father is from Bermuda, she holds British citizenship and became a citizen of France in 2009. Watch below her electrifying routine with her partner.

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