Awestruck Kids Meet a Ballerina for the First Time and They Have Questions

When we watch ballet dancers perform, they make it look so effortless. However, anyone over the age of three probably knows just how difficult it is to make some of these moves. How do we know? Because we’ve all tried them, of course. Recently, a soloist with the esteemed Pacific Northwest Ballet filmed an awesome video with some kids for HiHo Kids. In the video, ballerina Elle Macy answered all of the fascinating questions the kiddos had about what it’s really like to be a ballerina.

How Much do Ballerinas Practice?

When they’re in training, ballet students will practice between six and seven hours every day. For professional dancers, the morning class usually starts around 10:00 a.m. and rehearses until 6:00 p.m. This is done six days a week. Even on performance days, dancers will rehearse for three to four hours BEFORE their performance! However, the classes do start just a little later, so there’s that. However, this whole thing starts again the next day. Being a ballerina is a lot of work.

What It Takes to Be a Ballerina

Ballerinas don’t just practice their performances. They also have to take Pilates and other fitness programs. The male dancers have to undergo specific development programs for upper body strength.

Naturally, the kids in the video with Elle had tons of questions, some many of us wouldn’t think to ask.¬†One little man said, “I didn’t know ballet was so intense,” to which the ballerina replied, “Yes, ballet is pretty intense.”

Ballerina Toes

At one point, Elle even took off her shoes and showed them her toes, explaining in a way that kids can understand how hard ballet can be on a dancer’s feet.

What Does a Ballerina Do When They Retire?

One insightful little guy asked her if she has a plan for after retirement. Elle explained that she hopes to be a teacher or a mentor. However, she did say she has another 10-15 years left in her, and we’re happy about that.

Elle was amazing in this video. She’s so genuine and seemed to really be having a great time with these curious kiddos. Watch the video below.

Yeah, I’m pretty awestruck, too.