Baby Panda Bei Bei Waves To Fans, Setting Off Panda-monium

Bei Bei, the giant panda cub born last year at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. hasn’t been seen since August, and as a result, lots of us have been going through some major panda withdrawal.

But now we can relax, because the zoo has just released a new photo of the adorable little guy, and in it, he appears to be waving to the camera, as if to say:

Hey, I’m back! Did ya miss me?


And as if I needed an excuse to show more photos of this incredibly beautiful panda, just call it a belated Christmas gift and enjoy all the cuteness. You’re welcome.

“They got some good leaves here.”


“Hey, take a look at me, would ya!”


Yes, he fell asleep at the press conference, but that was cute, too!


h/t The Huffington Post