Ballet In Cyber Space

I bet you had never considered ballet in cyber space. It may sound kind of crazy. Well, it is happening and has been for a few years now. Groups of people, dancers, choreographers, musicians, and more are attending practices, building sets, and working hard to put on performances in Second Life. They are spending long hours to put these performances together. Many are performers outside the virtual world as well. Each dancer is a performer with their own avatar sitting at their keyboard, attending rehearsals, working with a producer and choreographer to get all the pieces in place. The audience logs in and sits in the theater to view the live performance.

Want to see how they go about creating a ballet in cyber space? The Making of a Ballet in Virtual Space
Want to see more performances? Ballet Pixelle Past Performances

Next time you cannot make it to the theater, you might just want to log in and catch a performance.

Featured image is a screen shot from the video.