Bride Surprises Groom with Colorblind Glasses: ‘You Guys Can See This Every Day?’

“You Guys Can See This Every Day?” Those words of disbelief show how much we take for granted the beauty that surrounds us, the colors that bring life to everything that we see. The surprise and joy that shows in the groom’s face are so priceless and so heart-melting. To make sure that their wedding will be perfect, the bride Karli gives her soon to be husband Colorblind Glasses. With the glasses barely on, he was left speechless for some time, and the first words that came out were these blissful words; “Are you serious? You guys can see this every day?”

Ty voices out his joy of how something as simple as the green of the grass or the blue of the sky moves him so much; he had no idea how amazing seeing colors again would feel like. He hugs his wife to be and exclaims,” I can see colors” again. At first, Ty was a little reluctant explaining to Kari how expensive the glasses were, which she just ignored and encouraged him to put them on.

Image credit: YouTube

Ty continues to marvel at the colors he sees, like the red barn to their side; he is even surprised that his skin isn’t actually pale, saying, “my skin’s actually dark!” The best parts of the video for me though is when he says “I wish you can wear them,” obviously wanting to share the joy he was feeling with the person he loves and the part when he said to Karli “This doesn’t change you though, you’re still just as great!”

Image credit: YouTube

Watch the heartwarming video below that shows what the colors (yes pun intended) of true love is!

Colorblind glasses have lenses that focus on the color vision deficiency that is caused by the red and green retina cone cells that overlap when responding to light, to eliminate this the lens has a multi-notch filter that is capable of removing overlapping wavelengths of light to give the wearer a simplified differentiation of colors.