Carol Burnett and Tim Conway Give Hilarious Performances In Nutty ‘Wrong Number’ Skit

I think that with everything happening in the Capitol this week and all of the chaos that’s making 2021 feel like fresh milk that’s just gone bad, the thing we need the most to preserve our sanity is a good laugh.

It’s hard to find two people more qualified to deliver this public service than Carol Burnett and Tim Conway. This is one of my favorite skits called “Wrong Number.” In the skit, Carol and Tim play a married couple sleeping in two separate beds when suddenly they are awakened by a mysterious phone call in the middle of the night.

Carol Burnett Tim Conway

Tim answers the phone, and after a second, hangs up. When Carol asks who called, Tim Conway claims ignorance and says it must have been a “wrong number.” However, Carol’s not buying it for a second, and a hilarious interrogation commences. Watch the video below.

One thing that made this skit so funny was how close to home this probably hits home for many married couples out there. Many might say our country is like this couple right now, although suspicions are running high on both sides of the manufactured political divide. Hopefully, Caroll and Tim have provided you with some much-needed comic relief. Please, be sure to share their gift with your friends and family.