Check Out This Pilot’s Stunning Time-Lapse Video Of The Milky Way

There’s nothing quite like looking up at the night sky and counting all of the stars you see. If it’s that lovely on land, imagine what it would look like while you’re on a plane – some of you might have even experienced that! Today I’m going to show you a video made by SkyProduction on Vimeo that shows an incredible view of the Milky Way, and you’ll have to see it to believe it. It was filmed while flying across the Atlantic Ocean to South America, so the pilot was close enough to the Milky Way that it was clearly visible in all of its glory. Luckily, the pilot was kind enough to record the breathtaking sight for us – you can watch it below. I would also recommend reading this article about the pilot’s experience filming the video for more context.

Featured image via Vimeo