City Builds Tiny House Village For Homeless Vets Where They Can Live For Free

Things just got a little brighter for some homeless veterans in Kansas.

The good folks behind Veterans Community Project in Kansas City have taken it upon themselves to help them. Veterans Village, a community of tiny houses that veterans without homes can call their own, has been born.

Via Veterans Community Project

Funded through partnerships and donations from community members, Veterans Village consists of 50 individual homes each about the size of a studio apartment. The veterans who move in will be provided with food, necessities, privacy and a stable living environment. Additionally, a community center is in the works, where veterans will be able to participate in classes that teach day-to-day living skills. Counseling will also be available to those who need it.

Via Veterans Community Project
Frank Morris

Orchestrated by three entrepreneurial veterans, the tiny home village was launched as a way to create an economically feasible place for homeless veterans to live while also helping better their lives and treat any issues that may have led to homelessness in the first place.

The goal of the program is to provide these American war heroes with a sense of community support as they transition back into society. Once they are ready, they will also move on to other existing programs geared toward helping them create stable and successful lives.

Each tiny home costs $10,000 to produce.

Via Veterans Community Project

Watch the video below to learn more about the heartwarming story!



Feature photo via Veterans Community Project