Feeling You’ve Lost Your Chances? Here Are the Top 8 Regrets of Middle Age

Medium author Karen Nimmo noticed a trend during clinical observations when observing the negative emotion of regret.

Regret is known as that feeling of loss we feel when suffering a loss or when realizing a previous choice cannot be undone. This feeling is an adverse emotional reaction to an undesirable situation related to a perception of opportunity.

Out of curiosity, she completed a survey asking 50 people what they regret most now that they are middle age, and she made a list of common regrets.

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1. Regretting Lost Opportunities

Regret related to death is the most difficult of which to cope. The lost opportunity to help a loved one or repair a relationship leads to complicated feelings.

2. Paralysis by Analysis

Another profound disappointment to respondents halfway through their life is the amount of time spent worrying, hiding from valid emotions, and the fear of speaking their truth.

In this case, it is the missed opportunities of not taking the road less traveled out of fear that causes this feeling.

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3. Lack of Adventure

Another disappointment is not taking enough risks in life before too many responsibilities cause inaction and lost opportunities.

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4. Let It Go

Those surveyed reported regret for not letting go of jobs or relationships soon enough that did not add value to their lives.

5. Poor Financial Decisions

Money anxiety is another regret of many of those who are middle age. Sometimes it is missed opportunities for purchases they should have made, while others spent money on items from which they should have walked away.

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6. Career Planning Gone Awry

For some in the survey, they regret not getting an education. For others, they wished they had followed their heart to a career they truly wanted.

7. Being Without

Others noted missing out on relationships or family opportunities is regretful, or walking away from a relationship they now know would have been fantastic.

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8. Regret a Lack of Kindness

Many of those in the survey report not being kind to themselves or kind to themselves.

In the end, Karen Nimmo notes that even though regret is a negative emotion, there is power in what we can learn from regret to shape future choices.

Here’s a video about this topic.

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