Top 5 Reasons People With Mental Illnesses Are Strong AF

If you struggle with any kind of mental health issue, then you are a badass. You may not think so; your brain may be telling you otherwise, but always remember you are stronger than you can imagine. Here are some reasons that you are strong AF. I know because I have multiple diagnoses myself.

1. We fight our minds every day.

Our brains betray us. We fight the melancholy, the anxiety, or whatever symptoms we are facing. There can even be physical symptoms of depression and anxiety.

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Image via Anand Thakur, Unsplash

2. We fight stigma.

It has gotten better, but we still fight stigma. If you suffer, you have had the judgment and the comments and the stigma. You are called selfish or you are called an addict for taking the pills you need to function. I’ve heard it all. Know you are never alone.

3. We fight for our dignity.

In many cases, we have to fight for our dignity. Just a few years ago, the NYPD was using body bags to subdue mentally ill people in crisis. The police are often called when someone is experiencing these symptoms. Many have died at the hands of police because they were symptomatic.

4. We fight to stay in treatment.

Many of us fight to stay in whatever treatment we have chosen. Some take meds. Some talk to therapists. Many of us do both. It is a constant battle. Whatever you have chosen; however, you choose to fight. Stick with it. You are important. You matter.

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5. Many of us face medicine and side effects.

Those of us who choose to take medicine deal with the mental and physical side effects. They can cause weight gain and mental fogginess, among many other things. It takes a lot of trial and error to find the right medicine for you. That can mean a lot of side effects to deal with.

PSA: Please see a doctor before starting or stopping any medication.

If you or a loved one are in crisis, please call the Suicide Lifeline or text Crisis Text Line.

Featured image via Alora Griffiths, Unsplash.