Is Work Too Dull For You? 6 Ways To Spice Up Office Life

Have you ever noticed how in some places you work better than in others? Sometimes the wrong office space can really affect how well you do at work. In addition, unhappy workers can often end up costing companies money due to loss in productivity and taking more sick days. That means that not only is this subject of interest to you, it’s of interest to your boss too. Here are just six ways that you can make office life a little less dull.

1. Natural Lighting

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For an added boost of productivity, try opening up the blinds in your work space. People generally do a lot better when they’re exposed to natural lighting. Not only will you work better, you’ll feel better too. Studies also show that people sleep better when they’re exposed to natural light, so get ready for a good night’s rest after work.

2. Use Plants

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You might have noticed that offices often like to use potted plants in their decor. In fact, big name companies such as Google have their own gardens!  This is likely because of studies that associate plants in the workplace with less stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Plants also increase air quality, which is a plus. If you want your own office plant, you might want to start with something like aloe or a cactus – that way you won’t have to worry about watering too much. They make good office buddies, too.

3. Exercise

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Don’t just sit there – get up and move around! A lot of companies give their employees opportunities to move around, and for a good reason. Studies have shown that workers who get more exercise have more energy, are less stressed, and don’t get sick as easily. If a rigorous exercise regimen isn’t for you, that’s okay too. Even just ten minutes of yoga stretches can go a long way.

4. Find Time To Socialize

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Staying by yourself in your work space can be detrimental to both health and productivity. The solution? Talk to people! Well known companies think so too – a good chunk of Mozilla’s work model (almost 40 percent) involves talking to coworkers and collaborating with them. Also, a lot of workplaces have designated places for socializing, such as break rooms and cafeterias. Even if you’re an introvert, utilize these spaces whenever you can, even if it’s just to be around people.

5. Reduce Distractions (If Possible)

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Turn off unnecessary notifications on your phone and don’t be afraid to tell your coworkers to keep it down – noisy workplaces are often not very productive. According to some studies, open offices are often big perpetrators of this, because while being collaborative is healthy, a sense of privacy is as well. If you’re in a distracting workplace, it might be a good idea to invest in headphones. Just don’t use them as an excuse to tune out your boss.

6. Personalize Your Space

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Maybe you can’t personalize as much as in the picture, but I’ve found that adding little bits of myself to my workspace helps with motivation. Just a picture of a pet or an office toy can really work to make a space yours. According to studies, having your own private space helps with productivity and creativity, so try adding your own touches to your space. Just don’t add too much, or it’ll be distracting to yourself and others.

Featured image via Pixabay / Creative Commons

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